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           Minutes of meetings

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     Thorncombe Village Trust - caring for Thorncombe’s Environment Thorncombe's environment

Thorncombe Environment Group

(Formerly Thorncombe Village Trust)

Minutes of the Committee Meeting

held on Thursday 30th June 2022 at Thorncombe Sports and Social Club

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Present:  Neil Croton (Chair), Diane Berry (Vice Chair), Fiona Waters (Secretary), Pete Waller, William Bragg and William Wilding.  Mark Agnew prior to meeting.

1. Apologies:  None.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting:  Read and approved.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Handover Arrangements:  FW has received all secretarial documents from Richard Holt.  The archive files he holds will be transferred into store at TSSC.                FW/RH to action

MA has not yet been able to meet with EN to hand over Treasure files, Bank Account details and petty cash.         EN to action

a) Communication:  WhatsApp has been set up by WW.  Only SK and WB not yet on the group chat.

DB set up new e-mail address ThorncombeEnvironmentGroup and this was published in the Parish Magazine.  No e-mails yet received.   FW to contact SK

b) Website:  Rachel Whitbread was unable to attend.  FW explained problems of existing TVT website.  Age of software makes it slow to add data.  Discussed possibility of closing it down,  having new website or only using Facebook.  Further discussion needed as no decision made

b) Johnson’s Wood:  Gate will be fitted once crop harvested.  PW proposed also changing stile into field to gate of same type to make access easier.  To investigate possibility of doing this and costings.

NC to action

c) Wilder Churches Project:  Still needs looking into.     NC to action

d) Activities Update:

a) Environmental Quiz:  PW has this in hand, awaiting date confirmation.  Post meeting note:  PW confirmed date should be 14th October.  Raffle prizes will be required.

b) Botany Survey:  DB has started transferring data from the copy of the original survey.  Discussed possible evening walk to look at plants in Derek and Sarah’s field before it is cut for hay.  Thursday 7th July at 7pm suggested.             DB and WW to action

c)  Any other plans:  FW proposed we set up our display board at the Holditch Open Gardens afternoon on Saturday 30th July.  A wildlife gardening theme would fit in and give TEG some visibility whilst also supporting the Holditch event.  The idea was approved.

FW to action

e) Planning Application at Park View, Fore Street:  Mark Agnew attended before the start of the meeting to explain the history of this to us and why TVT had objected.  On discussion we decided not to get involved.  We will advise Dorset Council Planning Services we are no longer TVT, reaffirm what was said by TVT but decline to make any further statement.    FW to action

f) Sale of Land between TSSC and village:  Discussed this.  No action we can take.  We hope for a sympathetic buyer to come forward.

g) Any other business:

a) Display board:  This is now at TSSC and needs to be set up for TEG.  WW offered photographs for wildlife gardening display.  FW has Dorset Wildlife Trust leaflets to use and photos of Spring Walk from Rachel Whitbread.        FW/DB to action

b) Logo:  We will use the TVT logo for now with the name change.

c) Nature Heals Seed Fund:  Discussed this.  It may be possible to apply and if successful use the money to replace stiles.       NC to investigate further

d) Village School:  There is an intention to put a Forest School area within the wildlife garden.  Perhaps this is something we can get involved in.            NC to keep updated

e) Grants:  These are still on the Constitution.  Application Form needs to be updated to TEG.

a) Date of next meeting:  Thursday 28th July at 7.30pm at the Sports and Social Club.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

                                                                                                                                                 FW to action

h) Date of next meeting:  Thursday 28th July at 7.30pm at the Sports and Social Club.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.