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           Minutes of meetings

                                     Minutes of previous TVT meetings are available to read on Archived Minutes.

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                                TVT Board of Trustees/Committee Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on

Thursday 24th March 2022 at 1930

The School House, Chard Street

Present: Mark Agnew (Treasurer), Richard Holt (Secretary), John Whitbread, Neil Croton, Janet Walker, Pete Waller, Diana Berry, Nathan Berry.

1     Apologies: Kate Cahn (Chair). Kate has issues that currently take up all her time. Therefore, she has indicated she will stand down as Chair and Trustee with immediate effect. The Trustees selected Mark Agnew as Chair for this meeting and to continue until the AGM. Proposed by Peter Waller, seconded by Janet Walker. A vote of thanks was passed, commending the excellent work Kate has done for the Trust in the last four years.

2     Minutes of last meeting. The report of the last open meeting at the Village Hall were reviewed by the Chair, and approved.  

3     Matters Arising.

 It was noted that the changes to the Constitution were agreed at the last meeting and would be presented at the AGM for acceptance and approval by the membership.  

4    Date of AGM

 The date for the A.G.M. was set for Thursday 19th May at 1930. It was suggested and agreed that there should be a speaker to give a talk after the AGM. Neil Croton and Di Berry to arrange a suitable speaker. It is envisaged that the speaker would start around an hour after the meeting opened. The Village Hall is booked for an art exhibition in May, and the Sports and Social Club has kindly offered the use of the Club for the AGM. Light refreshments will be supplied by the Trust and the Club Bar will be open.  

Notices will be posted as usual – Fiona Waters has offered to prepare posters for us. RSH will put a notice in the Parish Magazine, and Neil Croton will put a notice on Facebook. Members will be notified by e-mail. It was suggested that flyers to be delivered to every home would be helpful. RSH is to enquire at the Post Office about the cost of delivery.


5 Organised Event.

 To draw attention to the re-launch of the Trust/Environment Group, it had been proposed to hold an event just before the AGM. This was agreed to be a Spring Walk, followed by a tea in the Village Hall. The walk to be described as “A Celebration of Spring.” The walk would be an hour and a half, starting at the Village Hall at 1430 and aiming to end at 1600. Neil Croton will lead the walk and highlight items of interest. Well-behaved dogs, on leads, will be welcome.

Supporters will be asked to donate Cakes and Savouries for the Tea. The Trusts display board will be used to show projects in which the Trust has been involved over the years. RSH and Rachael Whitbread will action this. It was asked whether there would be sufficient parking, but it was thought that the Village Hall car park and the street parking would suffice.

7 Field Gate, Johnson’s Wood

Mark Agnew has researched the best gate for the job and has selected a 1.2m wide self-closing galvanised gate and frame from McVeigh Parker in Tiverton. The cost of the gate will be £342 +VAT and delivery. This will be around £450 in total. Stiles are no longer desirable for access, being unsuitable for persons of restricted mobility. Some changes to the fence will be required, but this is not extensive. Some timber and concrete will be needed. It is now thought best to fit just one gate, roughly half way along the planted trees, leaving the existing stile at the top end of the enclosure. Peter Waller, Mark Agnew, Richard Holt will undertake the installation, plus any other volunteers.

 Mr. Johnson will be contacted to get his approval, RSH to action.

 John Whitbread observed it would be good to fit a similar gate at the Whitty’s Lane end of the footpath. This may be considered in the future.

8 Any Other Business.  Diana Berry said that Wessex Water were inviting people to volunteer to monitor water quality on rivers in South Somerset. As far as she is aware, there are no volunteers at present for the Axe River and Synderford Brook in this area, and this would be a good activity for the Trust/Environment Group.   

9 Date of next meeting.

 The A.G.M. will be held in the Thorncombe Sports and Social Club at 1930 on Thursday 19th May 2022.   

The Chair thanked everybody for coming and supporting the Group.

The meeting closed at 2100.


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