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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 1930 at Thorncombe Sports and Social Club

Trustees Present: Mark Agnew (Chairman & Treasurer), Richard Holt (Secretary), John Whitbread, Janet Walker, Neil Croton, Peter Waller, Diana Berry, Nathan Berry.

1 Apologies: None

2 Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 25th May 2021 were read and approved, and were signed by the Chair.

3 Matters arising. The gate for Johnson’s Wood has been purchased, and will be fitted in place soon. The recent tree planting still requires signs to provide information about their significance and a map of the distribution in the village is still to be prepared.

4 Chairman’s Report. The Trust had since 2015 been offering and granting funds to local projects that met the aims of the Trust. However, applications had fallen off and it seemed there was no longer a need for the Trust in its then form. One application was approved, and £400 was allocated to the Club for replacing a hedge. Last autumn a series of public meetings were held to see if there was an interest in relaunching the Trust. This was indeed the case and a new constitution was debated and drawn up. This was to be approved at this meeting. It was suggested at the public meetings that the Trust should once more hold meetings and events. A very successful guided walk around the village was held last Sunday, and at the end of this meeting there will be a talk on the West Dorset Beaver project by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. The Chairman thanked all the Trustees for their hard work and contribution to keeping the Trust going and bringing it to the point of being relaunched. He particularly thanked Kate Cahn for her leading the Trust and to Richard Holt for his work as Secretary.

5 Treasurer’s Report. The balance of the funds stands at £5319.41. There was one grant of £400, costs of £95 for trees, £84 for web hosting, £43 for Trust meetings and £42 to Dorset Wildlife Trust membership.

6 Election of Trustees/Committee members. In accordance with the Constitution, all trustees are required to resign at the AGM, and may then put themselves forward for re-election. Neil Croton, Nathan Berry, Diana Berry and Peter Waller offered themselves for re-election. Fiona Waters, William Bragg, Susan Kent and William Wilding offered themselves as new members. Since this number is below the maximum specified in the Constitution, there was no need for a formal election.

7 Election of Chair. Neil Croton offered to become Chair. Proposed by Sue Goodlet and Seconded by Sally Welford. All were in favour, none against, and Neil was duly elected Chair. Mark Agnew handed over the chair to Neil.

8 Officers of the Group. The new chair suggested that the committee should meet after the AGM at an early opportunity and decide on duties. This was approved.

9. Changes to the Constitution and name of the Trust. Neil Croton suggested that much work had already gone into the shape of the new Group. A draft Constitution had been drawn up and a new name suggested. He asked if there were any objections to the name Thorncombe Environment Group, or suggestions for another name. There were none and by unanimous vote, this name was adopted. He then asked if there were any suggested changes or additions to the existing draft Constitution. No new changes were suggested and the new Constitution was unanimously approved.

10. Membership arrangements. It is hoped that the Group will embark on more activities in the parish going forward, and these will require funds to achieve. In view of the healthy state of the finances, there is no pressing need to raise funds immediately, so it was suggested that membership be free of any subscription for the first year, but that annual fees could be agreed at the next AGM. This met with approval. The question was asked, how does one become a member? We have a contact list of the people who have provided their e-mail addresses to be kept informed and that this will suffice as a membership list for the present.

11 Any Other Business. The outgoing Chair/Treasurer and Secretary said that they would be available to handover files and information to the new Officers of the Group once they are appointed. The TVT Bank account is with Lloyds Bank. The current signatories for cheques are Kate Cahn and Richard Holt. Once the new Committee is settled they will need to instruct the bank about the change of the Group’s name and the new personnel. The TVT is a member of the Dorset Wildlife Trust. They also need to be informed of the change of name for the Group and of a new correspondence address.

12. Date of next meeting. The provisional date for the next AGM is at 1930 on Tuesday 18 th May, 2023. This will be confirmed in due course. The meeting closed at 2010.