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       Newsletter Archives


                                                                                Archive copies of TVT News..     (Nearly a complete set)

                                                Please see this page for downloads of the original newsletter.

         Unfortunately, some of the articles have not been cleared by copyright for reproduction so there are a few gaps.

           Thorncombe Village Trust News was fist published as an A4 sheet in June 1986. From this date until April 1991 the News was inserted into the Parish Magazine on a bi-monthly basis, and in this way was distributed to most households in the Parish.

In April 1991 this changed, and a short article was submitted to the Parish Magazine every month, and every quarter a Trust Magazine was produced.

The first edition of this magazine was distributed in Summer 1991. It was a 12-page A5 magazine, only given to members of the Trust, and contained information about the Trust’s finances, local walks, articles on wildlife, the local area and local history. Although we have these magazines in our archives, we are looking for a volunteer to scan them and create digital files.

The work involved in producing this magazine four times a year was enormous and ultimately became too demanding for our band of volunteers.

In 2002 we reverted to the original format of a single A4 sheet produced only in Spring and Autumn. The Spring edition coincides nicely with collecting membership subscriptions so is usually delivered by hand or posted to far-flung members.

The original form of the newsletter is no longer produced but you can read many of the original articles by clicking the link below, and now in 2022, Thorncombe Environment Group are producing the newsletter again - the first edition can be seen here  

Inaugural edition June 1986

August 1986: includes news of planning events

October 1986: Rural Development Seminar

February 1987

April 1987

June 1987: First AGM, account of talk by Tony Smith on history of village

October 1987: includes memories of Thorncombe from a former resident

June 1988: includes account of Higher Farm Inquiry, 26/27 April 1988

October 1988

December 1988: includes report on Higher Farm Inquiry

June 1989 : summary of chairman’s Report AGM, 10 May 1989

August 1989: Includes Stop press about planning recommendations

December 1989: includes note on planning

January 1990: Open letter headed ‘Urgent’ update on planning issue to date

February 1990

April 1990: includes update on planning

August 1990 - article on Royal Oak

October 1990 - more on Royal Oak, and planning

December 1990 - obituary of Ron Hawkes

February 1991- Holway Cottage

April 1991. The Old Forge

Autumn 2002

Spring 2003

Autumn 2003

Spring 2004

Autumn 2004

 Autumn 2005

Spring 2006 20th Anniversary

Autumn  2006

Spring 2007

Autumn 2008

Spring 2009

Autumn 2009

Autumn 2010

Spring 2011

Autumn 2011

Spring 2012

Spring 2013

Autumn 2013

Spring 2014

Autumn 2014


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