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     Pollinator Survey

Thorncombe Village Trust recently took part in a survey of pollinators,a national scientific survey  happening on many farms across the UK on Open Farm Sunday, an annual event organised by LEAF, (Linking Environment and Farming).

This explains the reasons for the survey:

A pollinator is something, often an insect, which carries pollen from one flower to another. The movement of pollen is essential for many plants to develop seeds and fruits. We want to find out about pollinators on this farm because

pollinators are needed for food production, helping some agricultural crops reproduce and set fruits and seeds, including important crops such as oil seed rape and field beans, as well as apples, strawberries and other fruits.

A better understanding of pollinators will help farmers grow more food. Wild flowers are also important because pollinating insects need to feed on flowers, especially when the crops that are pollinated by insects are not in flower.


We are doing this survey because it will give us a better understanding of pollinator distribution and this in turn will help us to enhance the farming landscape to better support pollinators. “

We spent 5 minutes tallying insects we spotted on flowers in two different habitats - a wild flower meadow, un-grazed and unimproved, or maybe a hedge bank, and a meadow that had been grazed by stock. See photos below.

We also enjoyed delicious burgers and cake and wonderful views at Lower Hewood Farm, saw sheep-shearing in action and some adorable piglets as well as a stunning array of vegetables.

With thanks to Alexa and everyone at Lower Hewood Farm for making us welcome.