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Walk 8 - An Amble around the Village

To print out a copy of the walk :

1. Click on the pdf link . 2. When the document loads up print it out

 TVT Walk 8 pdf                                           

TVT Walk 8 sketch Map

TVT Walk 8 OS Map

                                                 Walk 8: An Amble around the Village

Starting point: the track beside Thomas's Place, The Terrace, High Street

Stage 1 ( one mile approx)

1. Go through gate into Quinn (the field immediately on your left when you turn into the lane beside Thomas Place, at the top of High Street),  and follow right hand hedge to gate in opposite


2. Follow footpath behind Gribb View to the wood

3. Climb over stile. Follow path ahead. Where another path crosses turn right and

follow down to the main track. Turn right and follow down to Chard Street.

4. Turn right into Chard Street and walk on right hand side of road for approx 200 yards past Muttlebury's Mead.

(short cut back to the village)

Stage 2 (half a mile approx)

5. Turn left down Blind Lane and follow track down to the stile, next to the weathered wooden gate. Cross stile.

6. Follow path along hedge. Pass through a gate. Approx 30 yards to right is a stile

(short cut back to the village)

Stage 3 (2.5 miles approx)

7. Follow path along right hand hedge, pass through another gate and walk downhill to the River Synderford.

8. Cross the wooden footbridge and turn right. Ahead lies a ruined flax mill.

9. Follow path to left of the mill following the fence. Pass through the gate in the top left hand corner of the field.

10. Keeping the copse to your right cross the field. Pass through the gate beside the copse.

11. Aim for the footbridge and stile on the other side of the field. It lies diagonally opposite in the middle of the hedge. Cross the ditch at the stile.

12. Follow the hedge to your right as far as the gate with the crossed footpath sign.

Turn right through gate.

13. Follow path across field towards the river and cross footbridge on to the road

at Synderford.

14. Turn right and follow the road back into Thorncombe, past Saddle Street.

15. Brook Cottage is approx 250 yards on your right at Stonelake. The road continues back into the centre of the village.

         Total length of walk: 4 miles approx. Allow one to one and a half hours

                                                                                     Walk contributed by Eve Higgs

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