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           Minutes of meetings

                                     Minutes of previous TVT meetings are available to read on Archived Minutes.

Thorncombe Village Trust

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on

Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 1930 at

Thorncombe Village Hall

Trustees Present: John Higgs, Kate Cahn (vice-chair), Richard Holt (Secretary), Mark Agnew, Janet Walker, Mary Marsh (Treasurer), Sally Welford.

1 Apologies: John Whitbread (Chairman). In the absence of the chairman, the Vice-Chair presided at the meeting.

2 Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 4th May 2017 were read and approved, and were signed by the Chairman.

3 Chairman’s Report.   In the last year the Trustees had given a grant of £200 to St. Mary’s Primary School to go towards gardening equipment for the children. It seems possible that the parish in general is unaware of the Trust’s resources, and an effort is required to remind parishioners of the application process. The chairman advised that he would step down as chairman but wishes to be considered to continue to be a trustee. The chairman thanked the trustees for their support and especially the Treasurer, Mary Marsh for all her hard work.

4 Treasurer’s Report. The balance in the current account at 31 March 2018 was £6952.02 plus £55.77 in petty cash. At the date of the AGM the balance in the current account remains at £6952.02, and there is £55.77 in petty cash, making a total of £7007.79. During the year no income or donations were received. A £200 grant was distributed and the remaining expenditure comprised Village Hall hire for the AGM, Website costs, and a yearly subscription to the Dorset Wildlife Trust. The website costs have risen steeply, but still represent a competitive price. Thus the funds have decreased by £344.10. The Treasurer recorded her thank to Lawrence Dunning, who checked the accounts for the Trust.

5 Election of Trustees. In accordance with the Constitution, all trustees are required to resign at the AGM, and may then put themselves forward for re-election. Mary Marsh advised she would be retiring as a trustee. Neil Croton offered to become a trustee and was formally proposed by Sally Welford, seconded by Mary Marsh. The Officers of the Trust were then elected. Kate Cahn was elected as the Chair, Sally Welford as Treasurer, John Higgs becomes Vice-Chair.  Secretary Richard Holt remains the same. The trustees thanked Mary for all her hard work as Treasurer and trustee over the last three years.

6 Applications for Grants.  A grant of £200.00 was awarded to the school to help buy tools and gloves for the School. The raised bed garden is being reactivated and the school wants to provide this equipment, together with a storage locker, for the children.  

An application from the Church for a grant towards improving the car park area was regrettably turned down, as it did not sufficiently meet the Aims of the Trust.

Applications for 2018 Grants will be advertised in August. Applications are to be submitted by the end of September, for consideration in October.

7 Management of Johnson’s Wood.  The TVT was closely involved in the planning and planting of this stretch of woodland between the village and Dungeon Wood. Since the area is now fenced and no longer grazed, the character of the open area has changed with rapid growth of brambles, elder, blackthorn and holly. Several work parties have been organised, and good inroads into clearing the site. More work needs to be done, but at present work is suspended during the nesting season.

 It is planned to install new gates into this area, but the landowner has asked us to wait until the earthworks have been completed before proceeding. It is hoped to replace stiles with gates suitable for people with restricted mobility to make the area more accessible.

 Neil Croton has experience of conservation work and offered helpful advice about management. It was proposed to draw a map of the area to help plan any work that may be needed.

8 Any Other Business.  

a) The designated graveyard area between the present graveyard and the old vicarage might benefit from wild flowers. Sally Welford suggested contacting the Dorset Wildlife Trust to seek advice in line with their “Living Churchyard” scheme.

b) The Trust’s Books of Walks are being reviewed by the Ladies’ Monday Walking Group. They are very kindly looking for any changes that need to be made to the suggested routes. So far, all but one of the 10 listed walks have been checked. The Trustees are very grateful for this assistance.

c) With a new Treasurer in place, the bank will have to be advised of the change.

d) Neil Croton advised that Holditch Hall is in need of support and suggested the Trust offer any assistance that meets the Aims of the Trust.

Parishioners are advised that the funds of the Trust are available for projects that meet the Aims of the Trust. While we invite applications in September each year, applications can be made at any time and may be considered by the Trustees. The Aims of the Trust are:-

i) encourage and promote a greater interest in, and understanding of, the local environment and its history;

(ii) protect historic buildings in the Parish of Thorncombe (the Parish), and especially to conserve the character of the village of Thorncombe and of the other settlements in the Parish;

(iii) oppose unsuitable development in the Parish

(iv) safeguard and enhance the countryside in the Parish;

(v) support nature conservation in the Parish;

9 Date of Next Meeting: The Trustee’s next meeting will be held on Thursday 18th October 2018 at 1930 at the School House.

The meeting closed at 2040.

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