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           Minutes of meetings

                                     Minutes of previous TVT meetings are available to read on Archived Minutes.

   Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees held on 22.10.15.     

    Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees 24.3.16

    Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees AGM    12.5.16

    Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees 6.11.16

    Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees 13.3.17

     Minutes of TVT Board of Trustees AGM 4.5.17

Thorncombe Village Trust

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on

Thursday 4th May 2017 at 1930 at

Thorncombe Village Hall

Trustees Present: John Higgs (chair), Sally Welford (vice-chair), Richard Holt (Secretary), Mark Agnew, Kate Cahn, Janet Walker, John Whitbread

1 Apologies: Mary Marsh (Treasurer),

2 Election of Trustees. In accordance with the Constitution, all trustees are required to resign at the AGM, and may then put themselves forward for re-election. There were no new applicants to become trustees, and all trustees were re-elected. The Officers of the Trust were then elected. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer remain the same. John Higgs and Sally Welford stepped down from their positions. John Whitbread was elected as Chairman, and Kate Cahn was elected as Vice-Chair. The Trustees were disappointed that so few parishioners attended the AGM.

3 Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 12th May 2016 were read and approved, and were signed by the Chairman

4 Chairman’s Report.   The Trustees had received three applications for grants in the past year that had been considered. Considerable progress has been achieved in Johnson’s Wood. More details on this will be covered in later items on the Agenda.

5 Treasurer’s Report. The balance in the current account at 31 March 2017 was £7296.12 plus £55.77 in petty cash. At the date of the AGM the balance in the current account is £7249.32, and there is £55.77 in petty cash, making a total of 7305.09.

Votes of thanks to the Treasurer and to Ian Collins for auditing the accounts were proposed and approved.

6 Applications for Grants.  Three applications for grants were received and considered in the last year. These were:-

a)   £120 was granted to St. Mary’s Church to go towards maintenance and replacement of the trees in the churchyard.

b) A Hard Disk Drive was requested for storing archive footage of videos taken on the village’s video camera. This is in line with the educational aims of the Trust and was approved. This was around £90.

c) A grant was requested for a gate on the footpath leading off Saddle Street. There was some doubt about the responsibility for this gate, and the application was deferred pending more information. Subsequently, a private individual donated the money and the application has been withdrawn.

Applications for 2017 Grants will be advertised in August. Applications are to be submitted by the end of September, for consideration in October.

7 Management of Johnson’s Wood.  The TVT was closely involved in the planning and planting of this stretch of woodland between the village and Dungeon Wood. Having received advice from the Axe Vale and District Conservation Society, two work parties and some further work by trustees has taken place to clear a large bramble elder and gorse thicket that had grown up below the new trees. The new shoots of blackthorn invading from the northern side have been cut and treated to preserve the open meadow, and a start made on clearing some brambles from near the fence. There have been discussions with the owner and the County about gates, and it is hoped to select suitable types to be installed soon.

 There was a suggestion to promote bluebells by collecting seeds nearby and scattering them under the new trees. This was attempted last July, but we got there too late! Early July seems to be the best chance and a work party will be convened on Saturday 15th July at 1030, meet at the end of Witty’s Lane.

 The mass of brambles at the northern boundary of the area needs to be tackled next. A work party will be convened on Saturday 14th October, 1030, Witty’s Lane, for this purpose. These parties will be advertised in the Parish Magazine.

8 Any Other Business.  

a) The school will be invited to think up some projects that would be in line with the aims of the Trust, and that would qualify for grants.

b) The Trust’s Books of Walks are being reviewed by the Ladies’ Monday Walking Group. They are very kindly looking for any changes that need to be made to the suggested routes. So far, 6 out of the 10 listed walks have been checked. The Trustees are very grateful for this assistance.

c) It was suggested that the Church, Village Hall, and the Sports and Social Club be contacted to see if they have any projects that might qualify for grants.

9 Date of Next Meeting: The Trustee’s next meeting will be held on Monday 16th October 2017 at 1930 at the School House.

The meeting closed at 2010.