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     Thorncombe Village Trust - caring for Thorncombe's environment

Thorncombe History

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Thorncombe lies in a very beautiful part of West Dorset, bordering Devon and Somerset. It falls within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) . The Parish is over 5,200 acres in extent and is principally agricultural land.  

Fields tend to be small and hilly with ancient hedgerows, while the access roads to the village are very narrow lanes, shaded in summer by tall trees including oaks, beeches and sycamores, and fringed with primroses, bluebells and cow parsley.

Have you got any old photos you could let us borrow? Or do you have  any memories of Thorncombe and the Parish that you could share with  us?

               Do get in touch - we’d love to hear from you

A view down High Street showing Fernleigh on the right. Date unknown, but it predates the building of the two houses further down the hill.

During the war, in 1942,  Louise May Silver was evacuated to Thorncombe at the age of 10. She stayed in no. 2.

Her memories of this time are well worth reading . Take a look at the History section, or click here to go straight to Louise’s memories

 Some autumnal images…..


Read two new articles in our History section by Eve Higgs:


Thorncombe’s West Gallery Choir

During the 18th century, purpose built galleries to house village choirs were installed in parish churches, as in Hardy’s ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’. Thorncombe’s Medieval church too had its own choir.

‘When Exeter was Down Thorncombe was a Town ‘ revisited

Thorncombe's population statistics from 1674 to 1881 examined.

                                             Applications for Grants from TVT

Under the terms of its constitution, Thorncombe Village Trust (TVT)  invites applications for grants from individuals or organisations wishing to undertake a project or activity which reflects one or more of the aims of the Trust.

Namely  to:

i) encourage and promote a greater interest in, and understanding of, the local environment and its history

ii) protect historic buildings in the Parish and especially to conserve the character of the village of Thorncombe and of the other settlements in the Parish

iii) oppose unsuitable development in the Parish

iv) safeguard and enhance the countryside in the Parish.

The money granted must be used for the direct benefit of the Parish of Thorncombe only and for the public good, in such a manner and place that the Trustees can verify the grant has been appropriately used.

If you wish to make an application for funding, please request an application form in one of the following ways:

- Email the Secretary of the Trustees  on

- Pick up a form from inside the porch at The School House, Chard Street, Thorncombe (opposite the church)

- Download an application form and the guidelines from the TVT website         Application form   Aims Summary

Completed application forms need to be received by the end of September for an October decision  by  the Board of  Trustees.

For any further information or if you have any questions, please talk to one of the trustees: Kate Cahn (30054)  (Chair), Mark Agnew (30385), John Higgs (30994), Richard Holt (30428), Neil Croton,  Jan Walker (30212), John Whitbread (30525).

We recommend you discuss your application with one or more of the trustees before submitting it to the committee for consideration.

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